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I couldn't get a girlfriend because I was fat and overweight. And I also have very low self-esteem because of the way I look. But Jackie a Top Certified Personal Trainer from Fast Result Fitness in Orange County help me lose 35 pounds of belly fat within 12 weeks of training. Jackie from Fast Result Fitness totally change my live.

He was very professional, nice and supported throughout the whole training process. And he also provided a customize meal plans, nutritional counseling and grocery list for Free. Now I have hot girls hitting on me left and right. I highly recommend Jackie from Fast Result Fitness to anyone who's looking to lose weight and get shape.






I was originally using an extremely overpriced personal trainer at a 24 Hour Fitness Gym to get ready for my wedding which was only 8 weeks away. I knew there had to be a personal trainer in Orange County out there who didn't charge the ridiculous price of the 24 Hour Fitness Gym and was just as effective if not better. I was referred to Jackie Nguyen and decided to hire him as a personal trainer. Jackie's training program was amazing with the combined strength training, core exercises, circuit training, cardio exercise, meal plans, and nutritional counseling to help maximize my results. I went from weighing 215 pounds down to 197 pounds! Seriously amazing results. I think the last time I weighed that much was before college. I got a lot of comments about my weight loss and how great I looked from friends and family at the wedding. All in all, I was extremely happy with the results and my wife also thought I looked great. :) I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking for an educated and certified personal trainer at an affordable price. Thank you Jackie! -

-James Dolan (Costa Mesa, CA)







I lost 30 pounds of stomach fat and when from size 34 to a size 28 in 12 weeks of training."

Jackie "Nhan Nguyen






I found Jackie online who's a top certified personal trainer in Orange County and I have been training with him for about 3 months now. I love the results that I am getting from training with him and receive a lot of compliment about how great I look. I definitely have gotten stronger, put on a lot of lean muscle muscle and have more energy as well.

I like the fact that Jackie has a very flexible schedule and that he's very caring, funny and genuine person. And his training rates is very affordable as well. I would definitely recommend Jackie to my friends, family, coworkers or anyone who's looking for a knowledgeable and experience trainer to help them lose weight and getting into better shape.

Thank again Jackie you're the best!

Michelle P. from Laguna Beach, CA






I lost 203 pounds of fat and went from a size 42 pant to a 6 and did so through exercise and eating a balanced diet. Thank you Fast Result Fitness for the awesome workout and results.

-Laura Beasley



"I have train with Jackie for about 8 weeks now and all I can said he's an amazing trainer, probably the best, if not one of the best personal trainer in Irvine period. If you're looking for Fitness Trainer Orange County to pushes, motivate and encourage you to become your best, then he definitely the right trainer for you. My results speak for themselves. I wanted to get my 6-pack abs and put some lean muscle mass to look hot and sexy for my girlfriend and Jackie at Fast Result Fitness has definitely helps me achieve my goals. I got hit on so much both at Las Vegas, Beach and Pool party as well. The best part about Fast Result Fitness program is that they actually give you a free meal plans, grocery list and nutritional counseling as well. And their training rates is super affordable. I highly recommend Fast Result Fitness to anyone who's looking for an affordable and experience fitness trainer in Orange County to help them with their fitness goals.
Thank you so much again Jackie for this sexy body."

- Abdullah Albuenain from Irvine, CA



I lost 32 pounds of fat in 8 weeks of training with Fast Result Fitness." I've lost so much weight my clients does not even recognizes me. Thank you for the Great workout and Awesome Result Jackie."

Adam from Huntington Beach, CA


I lost all of my Baby Fat on my hip, thighs, butt and stomach in 12 weeks of training with Jackie at Fast Result Fitness. Ladies, give him a try and his program will make your arms and thighs toner, butt firmer and hip smaller.

Bella from Huntington Beach, CA



I got my 6 pack abs in 4 weeks of training with Jackie who is an Irvine top certified personal trainer at Fast Result Fitness. He will helps you get the results that you cannot get on your own. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experience and affordable personal trainer that really care about helping his clients achieving their fitness goals.

- Asgar A. from Lake Forest, CA





I found out about Fast Result Fitness on a business card that I found at a local grocery store and train with them for 4 week and lost about 4 inches off my waist and I gain some lean muscle mass well. I definitely has gotten much stronger on my bench, squat, curl and have am really happy about the results so far. What I like about Fast Result Fitness beside the affordable rates and results you will get from training with them is that they have both male and female trainer in Orange County to train you. So if you live in Orange County areas give them a call and setup a FREE trial session or consultation with them.

Thanks again Fast Result Fitness

- Abdullah Ali from Irvine, CA



I found Jackie through a coupon flyer that was send to apartment in Irvine. So far I've lost 45 pounds of fat and 18% bodyfat in 5 months of training with Jackie from Fast Result Fitness. I love his Personal training, Boxing and Kickboxing program. He's super nice, very friendly and his personal training program is very affordable as well. I highly recommend Jackie at Fast Result Fitness in Orange County, CA to anyone looking to lose weight and have fun at the same time.

- Raj P. from Irvine, CA


Jackie is the first trainer that I’ve stuck to so that’s a good sign! I enjoy the environment, pace, flexibility and variety of Jackie’s training sessions. I can feel the impact on my body strength and stamina improving over the course of my training with Jackie…he keeps me motivated and coming back for more!

-Jamie Trang










I got my flat sexy stomach in 8 weeks of training with Jackie at Fast Result Fitness.

Stephanie from Newport Beach, CA







"Thank You Fast Result Fitness For The Awesome Workout And This Hot Body"
Jen S.
Model from Beverly Hills





I went from Beautiful to being Fabulous for my best friend Wedding day. I couldn't have done it on my own. Thank you Jackie your support, motivation, meal plans, nutritional counseling, Fun workouts and Awesome Results."

Diana from Costa Mesa, CA


"I was referred to Jackie by a friend who had used Jackie to get fit. I took Jackie's offer for 1 free session and I got motivated to continue. I have been training with Jackie for just over 2 months and have lost 25 pounds. His training is focused on core strength training, circuit training and cardio to help you reduce weight along with suggested diet plans. I have tried 24 hours fitness trainers who work with you for half an hour and give some notes and supplements to no effect. Jackie has provided the


motivation, targeted training focused on individual muscles. I highly recommend Jackie for anyone who is looking for a personal trainer to get fit, tone muscles or lose body fat or weight."

Karthik from Irvine, CA


Jackie was a great trainer. He always found a way to make the workout entertaining and not so much like work. He incorporated different things into every work out so I never got bored. When I had a family emergency, Jackie refunded me my money and didn't charge me any termination fees. He's more than just a personal trainer, he's a friend that will take care of you. I highly recommend Jackie to anyone!

-Kristen Schoellhorn







I am absolutely pleased and happy that I hired Jackie as my personal trainer. After all the so-called diets, diet pills, and short cuts, Jackie's personal training methods have delivered results that I have been waiting for! I look forward to my training sessions with Jackie; he is professional, informative, and personable. I also love the fact he has a flexible schedule and provides nutritional tips to help reach my goal. Finally, a small investment for a huge reward!










I Lost 17 Pounds of Stomach Fat in 8 weeks of training.  My Back Fat and Love Handle is gone as well.  Thank you Jackie for the help, support, motivation, meal plans, and nutritional counseling.  I know I couldn't have done it on my own."  I would definitely recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking for a Certified personal trainer to help them lose weight, tone up, get lean and fit."   

Martha Martinez from Mission Viejo, CA





I lost 45 pounds of fat in 16 weeks of training with Fast Result Fitness.  I love Jackie training techniques, flexible schedules, meal plans, nutritional counseling and Incredible results." 

Jessica from Costa Mesa, CA


Hey Jackie!! I enjoy our workouts, they are fun, fast and gets me in great shape quick! Keep up the good work!! I really like how Jackie combine resistance training, Core/Abs exercise, Circuit training, and Kickboxing into 1 hour of training to get me fit and give Results FAST......
- Lisa Gao








I would recommend Jackie to absolutely anyone. He is a compassionate trainer who cares about his clients. He truly tailors the exercise sessions to each and every individual. Do know that Jackie puts extra time and effort into assuring you receive maximum benefits. Much of his time spent outside of the gym is dedicated to researching a nutrition and fitness plan that best suits you. So if you are fortunate enough to be able to work with Jackie, then I would snatch up the opportunity while it lasts!"

-Edwin Ramos-Soto





I Lost My Beer Belly Fat and Went from a Size 44 pant to a size 32 in 3 1/2 months of training with Jackie." Christopher from Orange county, CA

- Chris P


Chris after only 8 weeks and 57 pounds
(back view)


I lost 21 pounds of fat with Fast Result Fitness 12 Weeks Weight Loss and Get Fit Challenge. Thank you Fast Result Fitness for the Awesome workout and results.

Laura from Huntington Beach, CA




Before I retained a trainer, I did my research and met with various trainers. Jackie definitely knows his stuff. He combines various techniques such as strength training, cardio

training, circuit training, core exercise, abs work out, boxing, and kickboxing. And resistance training as well so that your body isn't getting use to it and is always working to reach your goals. If you have a certain goal, Jackie will help you attain it. Most people are talking about losing weight but I was one that wanted to bulk up. In the past few months working out with Jackie, I can see a big difference. The way he combines your work-outs and the meal plan is geared towards my goals and help me always stay energized for the remainder of the day.
-Majid H






I've trained with quite a handful of trainers, and I never felt I got my moneys worth till I started training with Jackie Nguyen. If you're not motivated to work out, or not comfortable working out with a trainer, or if you feel it is impossible to eat healthy... then try Jackie out, he'll definitely fix you up :)

His flexible schedule, positive attitude, and above all his genuine commitment to his clients fitness goals is what makes him a great trainer!

-Dana S.





Jackie has been my personal trainer for about six months. And the results I have achieved to date are largely due to Jackie's combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets the foundation for a new healthier lifestyle.

-James M.





Exercise was an activity that I seldom did. Now exercise is part of my daily routine thanks to Jackie's training techniques. As a trainer, he provides motivation, encouragement and laughter. If you are a looking for a trainer, I highly recommend Jackie.

-Violet Santoyo





Before I retained a trainer, I did my research and met with various trainers. Jackie definitely knows his stuff. He combines various techniques such as strength training, cardio training, circuit training, core exercise, abs work out, boxing, and kickboxing. And resistance training as well so that your body isn't getting use to it and is always working to reach your goals. If you have a certain goal, Jackie will help you attain it. Most people are talking about losing weight but I was one that wanted to bulk up. In the past few months working out with Jackie, I can see a big difference. The way he combines your work-outs and the meal plan is geared towards my goals and help me always stay energized for the remainder of the day.
-Majid H





I have always really struggled with exercising. While I know that it is a critical part of being a healthy black woman, I never seem to find the time or motivation to get or stay in shape. Jackie has helped me to break through the frustrating cycles of excuses that I create for myself. He has trained me without a Drill Sergeant approach, any other way would have made me give up! Jackie enthusiasm is great and his knowledge of fitness is such an encouragement! Jackie's support and passion have enabled me to have more energy and a much toner body and ENJOY the result of exercising!

-Sherice G.





Jackie also helped me achieve an amazing six-pack with an intense work out that utilizes much more than just simple crunches. He not only taught me new exercise, but also helped to work in the perfect amount cardio to really see results.

Thank you Jackie I know what I am supposed to do in the gym and don’t just stand around like a goof or overwork my muscles with repetitive exercises. He is incredibly professional and always encouraging. He asks for effort, and if you let him work his magic, I guaranteed you will see amazing results. Jackie is simply the best; I owe him a lot!"

-Chandler M.








I was 28, fat and flabby. I've lost 30 pounds of FAT so far and feel great! I have much more energy now. Jackie's workouts are effective and efficient. I failed to feel the burn. Jackie is incredibly skilled and talented in his trade. He knew just how to make sure that I was working hard enough toward my goal. Jackie is very motivating. He keeps it interesting. I wouldn't still be doing this without him. I'm cheap, but I'm definitely getting my money's worth. I can't see myself working out alone anymore because I would be wasting my time. Jackie gave me results in just three short months.






Jackie has done an extraordinary job helping to get me in shape. He is knowledgeable, encouraging, and full of energy so that every time I see him I have a far better workout than I could on my own. Before seeking a trainer, I read up on fitness, and Jackie's approaches harmonize with the best of what I have read. I have no doubt that he will help me to achieve my fitness goals and feel great about it--I've already got a solid start. I lost over 10 POUNDS in 1 months of training with Jackie, and my body fat went down as well.

-Chris Martin





I thought I had good endurance, but my 1st week of training with Jackie proved me wrong. Thanks to Jackie's workout I have more energy and feel better. I was able to see a difference within the first week. I would recommend him to anybody who would want to improve their physical and mental attributes.

-Everlyn L.





If you are like me and working out a little, and wondering what benefit a personal trainer would make, Well I'm here to tell you that working with Jackie has far exceeded my expectations. In two months the Results are dramatic, and in a number of areas.


As a middle aged man, It didn't expect to see much change in my physical appearance, but I have. I've been on weight loss programs before, and never lost more than 2 lbs/month. With Jackie I'm eating just the same healthy way as before, but I'm losing at the rate of 8 lbs/ month. Big difference. And I feel stronger in my core. By myself I would workout the easy parts of the body, but with Jackie, now we get to it all.

-Bob Henderson ( 52, Male, 5' 10" , now 179 lbs, & 32 inch waist)







I have had several personal trainers over the years, but Jackie is the by far the best. I've been with him for about 10 weeks and he's constantly varying our workouts so I never get bored. He pushes me when I need a pushed, but always keeps things fun and interesting. I'm following his comprehensive meal plan and lost 9 lbs in two weeks!  Thanks again Jackie.

-Marina Magana





Thank you so much Jackie for the Awesome workout and Results that I got from working out with you. I really like working out with Jackie because his workout are very fun and effective as well. I notice results within weeks after training with Jackie and because he has such a vivacious personality it make the workout goes by quicker!

-Claudio Martinez





Jackie is by far the most effective trainer I've had. Work out sessions with him is not only just pumping weights, there's cardio kickboxing, circuit training...it just makes things more fun even though it's still tough. I absolutely love the meal plans and times, I don't starve anymore and actually don't feel bad for not eating "sinful" foods! My body is alot more lean and I feel healthy without trying too hard. Give him a try! Thanks Jackie!!










Before I found Jackie, I never exercise and was completely out of shape. Since I have started with him, he has me totally addicted to the gym and working out. I am much leaner and feel so much better about myself and have a lot more energy. He keeps me motivated and I plan on sticking with him long after I reach my personal goals.

-Lindsey Lockshaw





In my opinion, Jackie is the best trainer I have had. His method of designing a program precisely to meet my fitness needs is absolutely perfect. I have been an athlete all my life and worked out all my life. Now, I have a whole new approach to working out and fitness goals.







Jackie combines a fun approach, using kick boxing and martial arts along with a perfectly designed work out to strengthen my body and in my case lose weight. I enjoy going to my appointments and when I leave, I know I have accomplished something. One last part of his training approach, he helps design a nutritional program also to meet my goals for which foods I should be eating, I rate him an A+.

-Jim Kennedy





Jackie is a very good personal trainer. He is always encouraging and has a way of always make me go the extra mile during my workouts. I don't think I've ever felt my whole body so sore after 2 workouts, which means I'm getting in shape the right way.

- Nathan Liao


Jackie has made a huge impact on my journey toward a healthy lifestyle. Not only has he been my own motivational speaker, but his expectations for my own success push me to the very limits I never knew I could achieve.

-Jessica McLaughlin





When I started with Jackie, I was totally out of shape, I could barely finish 10 push-ups and do curls with 10 lbs weights. After 2 months, I lost 5% of body fat and replaced it by muscle, I consider push-ups to be a warm up and I do curls with 35 lbs weights! Jackie is also great to recommend supplements and to give diet advices.

-Daniel Pageau


Jackie is a great trainer! He cares about his client's overall health and fitness and gives 110%. He is also honest, fun and flexible which is hard to find in a trainer these days. He is passionate about his work is committed to see results in all his clients. I have enjoyed working training with him for the last 4 months.

-Majorie Manning





“I lost 21 Pounds and 4 inches of my waist in 8 weeks of training and now I can actually fit into that dress that I use to wear in high school. Thanks Jackie = )"

-Alba Lemus


I lost 12 pounds of fat and 3 inches of my waist in only 2 weeks of training and by following Jackie nutritional advice. Thank you for the great workout and results Jackie!

-Kate Buskirk





Jackie is the best personal trainer to work with if you need to get in top shape and lose weight quick. He’s very funny, upbeat, high energy, sociable, and has a very vivacious personality that make working out fun and effective as well. I lost a total to 35 pounds fat while working out with Jackie and dropped 5 dress sizes and now I can wear my two piece at the beach = ) Thank you Jackie.

-Braveena S.


Jackie does a phenomenal job of motivating me. I feel so good every time I leave the gym. I am getting stronger, leaner, and I am feeling much better. My level of energy has improved a lot.

-Greg Campbell









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